Text Compare Online!

Free Online Text to Text comparison: Compare and Analyze Differences Side by Side!

JSoftwareLabs' free Text comparator is an online diff tool that can find the difference between two text documents. Easily check differences between any text file, regardless of size and observe highlighted changes in a manner similar to a Git diff viewer. Paste your Text or code snippet, check differences side-by-side by comparing the code and see a detailed table with change locations. Enjoy additional features like viewer, formatter, editor and search text diff easily. Our free Text comparator API and website is accessible to everyone, with complete data security. We never store your Text data on our servers, not even in logs.

Features of Text comparator tool

  • Compare Text online
  • Semantic Text comparison
  • Text to Text comparison
  • Text Difference checker - REST API
  • Online Text difference Checker tool
  • Supports large file comparison. Can be used to compare up to 100 MB of file/object size
  • Get results in table format with all the mode information for quick reference
  • Compare Old vs New Text files or objects
  • Free to use
  • High performance custom internal library which uses multithreading model for comparison of large files
  • Please note if "Ignore order" flag is true, then it takes longer time with 1k differences per second.