Android app design and development

We have zeal and expertise in design and development of beautiful, responsive and robust android apps. With strong experience in android app industry we make our customers strengthen their product, user base and revenue generation. We collaborate with our clients and customers to continuously develop and deliver apps.

As per the latest statistics India has reached 1 billion mobile users. Nowadays, everyone finds it easy to buy a product from mobile compare to a website. On the run they can select, search, compare and can work simultaneously. Location tracking is one of the best invention mobile comes with. It is not only about mobile apps, your web solution, ERP solution should to be compatible with mobile & tablet. Basically mobile application development helps improve the ease of use and eventually increase engagement. No doubt mobile is everyone's top basic need. As an experienced mobile app development company in India , we take the pride in providing our clients with a skilled team of android developers, iOS developers. Our squad applies their knowledge and skill to deliver a unique and magnificent App to our clients.

Continuous Integration and Continuous delivery. Automated deployments to google play store with fastlane.

In the modern fast moving world, it is not always possible for a organization to cope up with changing technology continuously and able to deliver the cross platform apps with automated delivery mechanism. With our strong expertise with fastlane. we achieve continuous integration and continuous deployment (CICD) for our clients and customers. We help you to transform classical deployment scenarios of android apps with modern configurable CICD tools.


Great designs with faster software development. Faster Time to Market.

In this competitive world it is of utmost importance for a organization to deliver the products on different platforms such as website, android, iOS etc. We help you to achieve your goal faster. Be it a website or android app, we take sole responsibility to deliver your product with faster time to market. It is often observed that in most cases the synergy between efficiency, quality and cost while delivering a product is not achieved. We take ownership of what we do, what we deliver and how we deliver. We strive to be worthy of keeping this synergy with our core principles.

jsoftwarelabs goals

Our offerings. What we offer and our methodology.

  • We manage end to end android app development life cycle. Clients can share us their ideas and requirements based on which we manage everything for you.
  • Map client requirements into JIRA issues.
  • Complete Agile development methodology
  • Story points to cost conversion for effective billing
  • Release wise delivery
  • Sprint, scrum board and reports
  • Billing and time management as per complexity

  • We design and develop responsive android apps
  • Proof Of Concepts for an idea
  • Custom App design as per business requirements
  • Integration of business logic and backend systems with android
  • Firebase, Google Analytics, Custom backend integration, Cloud integrations
  • Automated google play store deployments with fastlane
  • Design and development of custom libraries, business logic development.
  • Design & Development for existing android apps. If you already have an existing piece of software or apps with another vendor, we will on board and take it forward from there with no additional set up cost.

We have expertise developing android apps in various technologies such as Android Studio, Flutter, React Native

  • We have expertise in areas like Google Maps integration, Cloud, Chat Apps, Security systems, Banking and Financial apps
  • Use of google tools and libraries such as maps api, cloud logging, firebase, analytics, search and find apis.
  • Security software, Encryption based systems design and implementation.
  • Cloud authentication and authorization.
  • Financial services based systems and solutions.
  • Social apps, business oriented apps, personal and productivity applications.
jsoftwarelabs offerings